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Assam News December 3 : Good news to Assamese medium students, new academic applications unveiled

 Written By : Assamese Status | Date : December 3 | News Source : PRAG NEWS 

Assam News December 3 : Good news to Assamese medium students, new academic applications unveiled
Vertex World #vertexworld image credit: google play store

The impact of internet and online system on learning is well known at present. Especially because of the covid-created environment, everyone is almost forced to go online in education. School medium students have not been left out in this case. 

But internet services have been used in the wake of education but assamese language still does not have enough and quality teaching and reading material available to students. Most students are dependent on a two-one-on-one of the notes supplied by their teachers on WhatsApp. But there are very advanced websites and app available in English, Hindi etc. like Khan Academy, Baijus etc. where all the subjects are very interesting and easy to understand.

A group of young people from the new generation have come forward to make up for that lack in the assamese media sector lately. A few days ago, they launched a mobile application called 'Vertex World' in the Google Play'' site, where all subjects in class 9-10 are already available for teaching and higher secondary class arts stream lessons. 

These teachings offered by about 15 highly educated young teachers through the film have become very interesting and easy to understand. Each chapter of each subject is presented in a number of 15-20 minutes of the film so that students can learn according to their time and convenience, and do not be disturbed by the length of the the films. The apohasalso provide quality reading material prepared by teachers for most of the subjects.

It may be recalled that students will be able to study online through the 'Vertex World' app at a very low cost. They can get each subject for Rs 50 only while the full course in each class can be availed for Only Rs 450. 

At present almost all students of class 9-10 are seen studying through domestic teachers or tutors. The cost of the full fledged course supplied by the ap can be said to be much lower than that. In addition, lessons will also be imparted to students for further classes of teaching and preparation of various competitive examinations keeping in view the overall development and needs. 

Students interested in studying through the app will be able to download the Vertex World app from the Play Show as well as check the quality of free teaching from their YouTube channel.

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