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Top 10 National Hugging Day 2022: Quotes

National Hugging Day 2022

To celebrate National Hugging Day 2022, we've put together a list of some of the best hug-worthy quotes.

1. "I want to live in the world where everyone hugs everyone else every day." -Benjamin Zablow

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2. "The best way to get rid of your fears is to go out into the world and embrace yours." -Nicholas Carlson

3. "You have nothing to lose by being with me except all that you have lost already." -John Lennon 

4. "Hugs are an excellent way of saying 'Thank you,' 'I love you,' or just plain 'Hi'." -Patricia Weber 

5. "The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm." -Marjorie Pay Hinckley

6. "It's so easy to be with someone when all you want is for them to be near you. It's hard to leave someone who just wants you to be happy, even if they're not around." -Unknown 

7. "I am free, no matter what happens; I have peace of mind. I am free, whatever happens; I have joy in my heart." -Saint Elizabeth Seton

8. "When all seems dark, keep faith and hold on tight; things will get brighter when you least expect it and that is what makes life beautiful." 

9. "Too many people never realize how wonderful it is to be happy and loved. Life is so short, so why would you waste another minute without someone who makes you smile?" -Unknown 

10. "A hug can change everything." -Unknown

Subtitle: National Hugging Day, A day of hugs, hugs everywhere! Today is the 21st of January and a day set aside to celebrate the act of hugging. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful day like all others today and that you have been hugged as much as possible.

I never knew such a day existed. I always thought that there was something written down that everybody was supposed to hug each other on January 21st, but no, it is an "unofficial" holiday called National Hugging Day. To give you a little more information about this holiday, the 1st Annual National Hugging Day took place in Clio, Michigan, United States on January 21st 1986 and since then has been observed in over 100 countries including Australia, New Zealand and Japan. One of the main founders of this celebration was Kevin Zaborney who is also famous for creating Mother's Day which is celebrated every year on May 10th.

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