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Developed the first vaccine to Eradicate chickenpox disease - Dr Michiaki Takahashi's 94th birthday

 Developed the first vaccine to eradicate chickenpox disease.  The chickenpox vaccine has since been administered to millions of children around the world as an effective measure to prevent severe cases of the pandemic infectious viral disease and its transmission. 

Happy 94th birthday Dr Michiaki Takahashi: 94歳の誕生日おめでとう高橋理明博士

Dr Michiaki Takahashi's 94th birthday
Dr Michiaki Takahashi's 94th birthday

Japan's greatest Japanese virologist Dr. Michiyaki Takahashi, who was honored today by Google, the world's largest search engine, with a doodle on its home page. Born on this day in 1928, Michiyaki Takahashi was born in Osaka, Japan.  He earned his medical degree from Osaka University and joined the Microbial Disease Research Institute of Osaka University in 1959.  After studying measles and polio virus, Dr. Takahashi accepted a research fellowship at Baylor College in the United States in 1963.  It was during this time that his son developed a severe bout of chickenpox, which helped him to turn his expertise towards combating the highly contagious disease.

Dr. Takahashi returned to Japan in 1965 and began culturing the live but weakened chickenpox virus in animal and human tissue.  After only five years of development, it was ready for clinical trials.  In 1974, Dr. Takahashi developed the first vaccine targeting the varicella virus that causes smallpox.  It was later subjected to rigorous research with immunosuppressed patients and proved to be extremely effective.  In 1986, Osaka University's Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases began a rollout in Japan as the only varicella vaccine approved by the World Health Organization.

Dr. Takahashi's life-saving vaccine was soon used in more than 80 countries.  In 1994, he was appointed director of Osaka University's Microbial Disease Study Group – a position he held until his retirement.  Thanks to his innovations, millions of cases of chickenpox are prevented every year.
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