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Bikaner: TB free Bikana campaign will start from Thursday.

 World TB Day will be observed on Thursday.  Under this, various awareness programs will be held.  District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. Chandra Shekhar Modi told that a rickshaw rally will be taken out from Sardar Patel Medical College premises at 9:30 am on Thursday.

 During this, publicity will be spread about the contagiousness of TB and its diagnosis towards the audio medium.  The Continuing Education Program (CME) will be organized at 12:45 pm at Cancer Hospital Auditorium.  Community meetings, rallies, school related activities will also be organized at the block level to commemorate World TB Day.

 In this, the general public will be made aware about the treatment of TB disease, investigation, Nikshay Nutrition Scheme etc.  He informed that as per the orders of the state government, a 21-day TB-free Bikana campaign will be launched.  TB awareness activities like Gram Sabha, Wellness Session etc. will be organized in rural areas under Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Center.  During this information about CBNAAT machine, DBT, TB Arogya Saathi app etc. will be given.

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