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Mother's Day 2022 In India: "The children who gave an age came one day in his part"

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Mother's Day 2022 In India: "The children who gave an age came one day in his part"
In your arms, you held us.
Little did we know but you have given
Us the greatest treasure that will..
Never fade in our heart and that's your love... Happy Mother's Day 2022 in India

In today's era, care, respect for mother and father has become necessary, and the relevance of global festivals like Mother's Day has increased.  The child for whom the parents keep fighting for life, that child leaves them alone and helpless at the last stage of life.  Mother's kind-selfless sacrifice is a basis of everyone's life.  Mother's Day was started with the aim of honoring this great sacrifice of mother.  Although Mother's Day is celebrated on different day-dates (second Sunday of May) in the world, but in India, America and about 40 other countries it is celebrated on 8 May.

• Mother's Day is believed to have originated from the year 1908 by American woman 'Anna Jervis'.

• In the year 1908, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother's Day a national holiday in America.

How does mother take care of you?  Prepare for life?  Mother The biggest hope is the happiness of your

child.  maybe that's why Our search for happiness is also completed by reaching the mother. Mother listens without saying what is your happiness.  So

Today on Mother's Day, read 4 stories and understand how one If a mother wants, she can change everything from home to society.

#mothersday #happymothersdays♥️ #mothersday2022 


Mothers Day 2022: It is said that there is no attack on the love of a mother in the world.  When medicine doesn't work, she takes her eyes off her, she is the mother, where does she give up?  Mother's lap is never small for her child.  The faith and love of a mother for her child is so deep and unbreakable that a mother can fight with the whole world for the happiness of her child.  Mother's Day is dedicated to all those mothers 🤗🙏

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"Wonderful Mother"

God made a wonderful mother,

A mother who never grows old;

He made her smile of the sunshine,

And He molded her heart of pure gold;

In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,

In her cheeks fair roses you see;

God made a wonderful mother,

And ..........

Happy Mother's Day 2022 LIVE: Life without mother... Send best wishes to mother on Mother's Day from here

Happy Mother's Day 2022 Live Updates: Mother's Day is the day to make your mother feel special and to send respect and best wishes.  This day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of the month of May.  On this occasion, send Mother's Day greetings to your mother from here.

Happy Mothers Day 2022: By worshiping God, we may not get a mother

We may not get a mother by worshiping God.

But by worshiping the mother, God will definitely meet.

 Mother God!

 Happy Mothers Day 2022

Name is many, it means only one,

 Somebody calls Ram,

 no allah,

 So no "mother"

 Happy Mothers Day 2022

The destination is far and the journey is long,

 There's a lot to worry about in a small life.

 When would this world kill us?

 But my mother's prayers have a lot of effect.

 Happy Mothers Day 2022

Childhood turned out in your own circle

 Every heartbeat is related to you only,

 Mother says everything to say

 for me you are god

 Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers

Happy Mother's day 2022 WhatsApp status: Dedicate these poems to mother on Mother's Day, you will feel happy after reading

Mother's Day 2022 whatsApp status: Every creation written for mother automatically becomes special.  Be it a story or a poem.  Today is Mother's Day, on this special occasion, read some beautiful and famous poems.

Mother's Day 2022 whatsApp status: Today i.e. on 8th May, everyone is celebrating Mother's Day.  On this special occasion of Mother's Day, if you are thinking of putting any good status for mother, then we have brought some great poems for you.  Which has been beautifully written for the mother.  Through these poems, you can tell your mind to your mother.  Read these beautiful poems.

1) Mother's love

He must have shown the world with how many difficulties by giving birth,

Before myself, I must have fed food with your soft hands.

love me with all my fingers,

Because I don't know by which finger he must have taught me to walk.

I should be happy, this is his hope

  It is not necessary for me to fast and fast

   Nothing can go wrong with me, because mother's blessings are with me

 I feel happy seeing me happy

  Bhagwal only gives birth, Hefazal prays for the mother.

 Every big thing is small in front of mother.

  Seeing me sad, her love cries

   Now I understand, a mother is a mother.

Happy Mothers Day 2022: Why every day mother is celebrated on Sunday in May, Mother's Day, know here

Happy Mothers Day 2022: By the way, every day belongs to the mother.  There is no special day or special reason for the child to remember his mother.  Mother is the one whose happiness and sorrow, good and bad, success and failure are always remembered.  Then what is it that Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Happy Mothers Day 2022: By the way every day is mother. There is no special day or special reason for remembering your mother for children. Mother is those whose happiness and misery, good-bad, successful-failure is remembered. If injury, it comes out of the mouth 'Ui Maa'. Then what is that Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Why is the second Sunday of May Mother's Day? Mother's Day was beginning to celebrate Anna Jarvis's American woman. Ana, who loves her mother decided to not marry after the death of the mother and she started to celebrate Mother's Day in memory and honor. Later, on May 9, 1914, the US then Presentant Woodro Wilson started formally celebrating Mother's Day. Mother's Day Qin-Qin are celebrated? For the formal start of Mother's Day, the law was passed in the American Parliament. After this, Mother's Day began to be celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Apart from America, it has been approved in many countries including Europe, India, China, Japan, South Africa. When Mother's Day is celebrated? Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year it is falling on May 8, so this day Mother's Day will be celebrated. At the beginning of celebrating it, this day was called Madaring Sunday. What gift mother on Mother's Day? On Mother's Day you can gift your favorite thing to your mother. Or they can cook themselves to make special feels. They can take out the film or take out shopping. Or anything can work that you like your mother and she is unable to complete her home and your responsibilities. By doing so, they would really love to be very good.

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