Who is Blackmailer Hasina who kept the girls' Nude photo? : Planning to trap the property business from video call


Who is Blackmailer Hasina who kept the girls' Nude photo? : Planning to trap the property business from video call
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New facts have come to light in the police investigation in the case of making obscene videos of a property businessman on the pretext of physiotherapy in Jaipur.  The accused woman Gayatri alias Pooja Meena (30) used to extort money by trapping people in her beauty trap.  In the investigation, the police have also found nude photos of many girls from her mobile, which she used to implicate people.  It is also believed to be associated with immoral acts.  This vicious woman had done all the planning to implicate the property businessman of Jaipur.  When the planning failed, the businessman was called to his house.

 Investigation revealed that Gayatri was given the property dealer's number by his partner Abrar.  Gayatri, who describes herself as a physiotherapist, tried several times to implicate the property businessman through video calls, but could not succeed.  After this, she met the property businessman on the pretext of taking a room on rent.  After this again made video calls after 2-3 days.  On seeing the family, the property businessman refused to make a video call to Gayatri.  Gayatri and Abrar made a new plan seeing the property businessman going out of the clutches.

 On May 5, the property trader got a call from Pooja in the morning.  On the pretext of physiotherapy for back pain, Pooja invited him to her house.  The property businessman reached home with the car.  During 5 minutes therapy, the vicious woman opened the gate.  The property dealer did not even know about it.  Suddenly opening the gate, Abrar came inside.  He called himself the husband of the woman.  As soon as he entered inside, Abrar slapped the woman as his wife.  Told the property businessman – Anyway, both of us are in dispute, you are doing wrong thing with my wife here.  I call the police now.

i will die right here

Property businessman made porn video with woman

Threatened to defame him.  property dealer said

I will lose my honor, I will die right here.  After that The accused Abrar placed a demand of Rs 10 lakh.  taking money To come, Abrar took the woman along with the property businessman. 

 Reached the police station on the advice of a friend

The blackmailer kept roaming with the woman in the property business car. Calling friends and asking for immediate help of 10 lakh rupees.  This  During this, on the advice of one of his friends, he blackmailer Pooja Asked to arrange the money soon.  accused blackmailer Threatened to make the video viral if the money was not paid soon.  His After going to the police station on the advice of a friend, the accused woman and her A case was registered against the alleged husband.

Accused woman who has recovered lakhs of rupees by blackmailing Gayatri alias Pooja Meena, the arrested accused of blackmailing, owned property

This is not the first time the businessman has been blackmailed.  in police investigation It came to the fore that the woman had earlier also trapped a person in a honeytrap It's over  After giving lakhs of rupees, this person Hasina Gayatri alias Pooja was able to get out of Meena's clutches.  only then the woman Enthusiasm increased.

 woman who has left her husband

Gayatri aka Pooja married Veer Singh Sansi, a resident of Govardhan Nagar. Had happened.  After about 4 years of marriage, she started living separately from her husband. She currently lives with her 12-year-old daughter.  from husband

After separation, came in contact with many people.  then on the wrong track She came.